Florian Simon   (Nuernberg, 1960). German painter, sculptor, muralist. His development as an artist started atan early age, mostly through fascination with the surrounding world and nature. His education and academic studies took place in a few different places throughout Germany: Munich, Rosenheim, Dachau.  He studied privately under the supervision of Otto Muhel (painter from Vienna), where [omit “actually”] his articulation as a painter started to develop rapidly into a very visual detail- oriented art and ultimately into fantastic realism.

Also he has studied [changed word order here] metal work and sculpting with Karl Halt (goldsmith, sculptor). Until 1988, his primary focus was on drawing and watercolor. Later his interest expanded into working with acrylic and oil. His amusement with life comes on canvas as landscapes of the soul translating the larger life as a metaphor for inner exploration of the places that are not on an itinerary. Through the course of his life Florian lived in Austria, Sicily, New York and then in the eighties [or 1980’s] moved permanently to the Bay Area. Florian is also a Jury Member of the Youth Art Competition at Oakland School for the Arts.

2006-mural commission for Century21 in Oakland, California

2005-Solo exhibition "Inner Landscapes" at the Montclair Gallery, Oakland, California

Group Exhibition" New Visions 2005" at Pro Arts, Oakland, California

2004-2005 Exhibition of acrylic paintings in Simmons Gallery (former Eleonore Austerer Gallery) San Francisco, California

2000-2004 Paintings, Murals and trompe l'oeil , sold to private collectors like Thomas Linz-Germany, Mette Jars-Belgium, Susan Chettle-US.

1998-2000 Exhibition of acrylic paintings in Beate Voght Gallery, Bistro Gallery, Nuernberg and Fuerth Germany.

1994-1998 Murals, Frescos, Acrylic Paintings commissioned privately in Bay Area.

1990-1994 Paintings and sculptures commissioned by collectors in Bay Area and Los Angeles; acrylic on canvas, and painted objects.

1993 Designed logo, t-shirts, etc. for "Wings for the Earth", a non-profit organization aiding indigenous people in saving their environment by creating a sustainable livelihood.

1987 Co-proprietor of Vulkan Gallery, San Francisco. Interior/exterior murals; light-sculptures; futuristic motives in acrylic on canvas and small objects, sculpture, various media.

1987-1993 Designed and produced large works for Contours Unlimited showroom, which remain in the Permanent Collection of Bob Yarri and Gene Bowman.

1989 Collection of hand painted acrylic fish sculpture bought by Greenpeace Gallery, SF. Exhibition of landscapes, acrylic on canvas at Sonrisa Gallery, Melrose Ave., Los Angeles; paintings also sold at Viewpoint Gallery, Carmel by the Sea, CA.

1980-1984 Art design of posters and album covers in Germany.