I am neither a writer nor a poet - but committed to painting the unpaintable. My art represents the exploration of places not on the itinerary, the less visible aspects of life, yet so important and essential to our well being. I create out of deep love and appreciation for life, and its mystery, leaving behind a reminder to slow down, and experience existence. 'Inner landscapes' are often the theme of my paintings. In the process, I am becoming aware of my own reflection in the paintings as well as the reflection of the outer world. In fact, through this work, I am transforming.

Sometimes I work a long time on a piece, constantly keeping open that gate to that initial moment of inspiration. Only when the painting fully resonates with that feeling, do I know it is finished. See my art as an invitation to your own 'inner landscape'. I like the viewer to step into my paintings and start his [or his/her] own voyage. My artistic influences include Bosch, Dali, Escher, and Magritte - to mention just a few. I work in acrylic and oil, depending on what technique I am exploring.